Night Out with Glitter

To be honest with you guys, there hasn’t been much going on happening in my life. My life, is just not that interesting. My daily routine is pretty 98% the same thing. Life of the unemployed, job seeking and freelancing person. When friends messages me asking how am I, I always give them the cliche answer haha. But I’m gonna post about my outing last week.

We planned on a Friday evening to have dinner and karaoke. We planned to meet up in the city as everyone was scattered. Work, already in the city and at home. We decided to eat at a Japanese BBQ place. My friend and I arrived there first and got a table, in case there’s a queue and getting busy as it’s a Friday. I think we waited for about 15 minutes when everyone arrived and started to order food, just as everyone hadn’t had dinner. We  chatted along with eating. I know the others were full, I was alright just satisfied compared to when we had Korean BBQ.

After eating, the friends decided on wanting to do some shopping, clothes shopping. I actually had no mood to buy anything or shopping in general (saving up for a piece of technology). The shop we went into had a sale. I just walked around, browsed around and tried on some things. Everyone had a bag each lol. With our leg and feet tiring out and drained from shopping we headed to karaoke. We first went to one near us, but they had all rooms booked. So we went to the one we had always been gone to. However, whilst heading there, we walked passed a free glitter face make-up. One wanted to do it and decided for us that we should all have it done. One friend went unique while the rest of us went for the same thing. But it looked great on her. After getting it done, we finally went singing.

We arrived home around 3:15am. I think it’s a first time being out till this late. Funny thing is that I woke up around 9:30am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. But that day, I felt my eyes were drowsy.

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Beauty & the Beast

I has watched it twice. First time I had watched it on Sunday with friends. We decided to watched it together, since we didn’t had anyone else it with. I was planning on watching it by myself before. We watched it in the afternoon on a weekend. So the cinema was packed. The movie was so good (personal opinion) and I had shed tears (cried), but I wasn’t they only one. My friend also shed tears as well, because I saw on the side wiping her eyes. It was very nostalgic, she said and it met her expectation. Music was great, which I believed that it made the movie more extra and for what made it Beauty and the Beast.

Second time was with my mum and brother. After I told her the first time I watched it. Stating that it was good, had music and etc…She said why I didn’t invited her to go watch. So yeah, planned to get watched it again with the family. That was my second time watching in a span of 3 days. Including, that this is my first time seeing a movie twice in the cinemas. Even thought, I knew what happened but I still shed a few tears again. Me being so emotional.

This movie was only movie I had been excited about to watch in a long time. Even was hyped during the time they released the trailers last year I presume.

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Taking Action towards Coffee

I have been job hunting for a while now. Not much successful, but I’m still trying. Maybe, I’m applying for the wrong places (retail) with my dull personality. I do give a more duller personality and speech compared to everyone else in the room. Yeah, majority of them were group interviews. It has pro and cons about it but mostly, you’re competing people in the room and you can tell, well from what I seen trying to impress the managers. For me, no matter what, I can’t bring myself to bring that ‘bubbly’ and ‘outgoing’ personality, specially on the first impression. Well from what my friend said; Fake it till you make it (Again, can’t bring myself to do that).

So, I thought I could just learn another skill that might open more doors for me and probably will give me another upper chance in landing a position. The result was…doing a barista course. Yeah, I think it would be fun to do and a cool skill to have. Plus, I like drinking coffee, it would be interesting to learn more about. Additionally, it’s going to be more fun since I’m doing along with a friend and her sister.

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February Update

Wah~! It’s been probably over a month since my last post. I’m so sorry for not posting anything. I left it for too long to the point it dragged for days. I’m gonna leave dot points what has been happening.

  • Escape Room! I did this the first time with friends. We had wanted to try it out and it was fantastic. We’re planning to do another. So fun, just solving puzzles and quizzes. I would recommend it to anyone.
  • I got a ticket from my friend as my birthday gift. Ended up watching La La Land. I liked it. I would personally rate it 7/10. We sat one of those recliners chairs with complementary popcorn and drink. Another first time experience.
  • Yeah, this was my birthday month as well as one of my friends. It didn’t feel like it. I had my mind on what should I get for my friend. But, we already knew what we got each other. We talked and asked what we wanted.
  • I had 2 job interviews.
  • I got bad news from my team about a project we’re involved.
  • Spent the weekend eating out for my birthday with friends. Time spent well and pleased with the food.
  • And recently, went to see 50 shades Darker. To be honest, it was better than the first one. I would rate it 6.5/10. Before I had rate it 7…maybe because I was being generous. The group of middle ages women in front of us had a blast while watching the movie. It was cute and funny, with their reaction to the film.

Yeah that’s the brief summary I did this month of February. Oh, and I’ll probably add an illustration of the post like quote of the day. I think it’s a good idea.

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Sing First


I’ve watched my first movie of the year. I assume the last time I watch my first movie of the year was two years ago, watched 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine’s day. Yup, the room was packed. Going through the back, I’ve only had watched one movie a year.

I watched Sing with my friends. The end of it, I enjoyed the movie. It was fun, it made you want to sing and there were a few moments that it had a few deep moments. Also to mentioned that, there we’re lots of kids in the theatre. I fail to remembered that this movie was targeted mostly for kids. There were good characters that are likeable.

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My Carins Trip pt.3


Day 3 was more adventurous. The plan was going snorkeling and going on the glass bottom boat at Green Island.

In the morning, we packed our essential items, towels, sunscreen, extra clothing and any other stuff that’s needed for the beach environment. Everyone had the idea just to wear their swimwear on already, don’t bother have to change later when we get there.
We took the cruise boat, obliviously to get to Green Island. We decided to sit out on the top, with the front seat view. As we sailed out, the wind was so strong that we couldn’t hear each other when we’re talking. My hair was everywhere and tied it up, which I wished I had done sooner. Why? when we got to the land, my hair had multiple knots that I couldn’t get it undone. I had no choice to brush it out and let the hair ripped. I have thin hair, goodbye hair.
First thing was to queued for the glass bottom boat. We got to see lots of fish, corals as well as turtles. Also a giant clam that was actually pretty cool looking. After that boat ride, we moved forward where we hired our snorkeling gear. One of my friends and I went to put on our wet suits. And I got to say, it made me look skinny *laughs*.
Two of the friends leaded us to the beach where gonna snorkel. I got to say that I can’t swim, so this was very exciting and I was nervous. However, I got my life jacket with me.
We were taught how to do it. At the beginning, I was panicking and was scared, thinking about drowning. Later, I got the hang of it. I just need to not to panic. Though, I keep getting water up my nose and mouth. Yet, my friend who’s like me, keeps on panicking and thinking she would drown, though she had her life jacket. I thought it was funny panicking in the shallow waters. I did see some fishes under the water and turtles.

I enjoyed the experiences of snorkeling. I would like to go out a bit further to the water where’s a more deeper, when I get to go back to Carins again.

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