Sing First


I’ve watched my first movie of the year. I assume the last time I watch my first movie of the year was two years ago, watched 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine’s day. Yup, the room was packed. Going through the back, I’ve only had watched one movie a year.

I watched Sing with my friends. The end of it, I enjoyed the movie. It was fun, it made you want to sing and there were a few moments that it had a few deep moments. Also to mentioned that, there we’re lots of kids in the theatre. I fail to remembered that this movie was targeted mostly for kids. There were good characters that are likeable.

Sorry there’s no illustration that is related to this post. But I added a nice one for ya.

Talk About Boring….:P



Under The Weather


The pass two days, I’ve been feeling under the weather. I had headaches (still do, only a little), dry, sore throat and more tired that lead me to have decrease in appetite. Now, I’m more better than before, but my throat still sore. Also, I had been in bed most of the time during my weekend.

I’ve been getting more headaches. Not sure, if it does have to me being me in front of the desktop…though I’m on it for work majority of the time and didn’t experience having headaches before. Oh wells, I will get betters anyways.

What a short post.


My Carins Trip pt.3


Day 3 was more adventurous. The plan was going snorkeling and going on the glass bottom boat at Green Island.

In the morning, we packed our essential items, towels, sunscreen, extra clothing and any other stuff that’s needed for the beach environment. Everyone had the idea just to wear their swimwear on already, don’t bother have to change later when we get there.
We took the cruise boat, obliviously to get to Green Island. We decided to sit out on the top, with the front seat view. As we sailed out, the wind was so strong that we couldn’t hear each other when we’re talking. My hair was everywhere and tied it up, which I wished I had done sooner. Why? when we got to the land, my hair had multiple knots that I couldn’t get it undone. I had no choice to brush it out and let the hair ripped. I have thin hair, goodbye hair.
First thing was to queued for the glass bottom boat. We got to see lots of fish, corals as well as turtles. Also a giant clam that was actually pretty cool looking. After that boat ride, we moved forward where we hired our snorkeling gear. One of my friends and I went to put on our wet suits. And I got to say, it made me look skinny *laughs*.
Two of the friends leaded us to the beach where gonna snorkel. I got to say that I can’t swim, so this was very exciting and I was nervous. However, I got my life jacket with me.
We were taught how to do it. At the beginning, I was panicking and was scared, thinking about drowning. Later, I got the hang of it. I just need to not to panic. Though, I keep getting water up my nose and mouth. Yet, my friend who’s like me, keeps on panicking and thinking she would drown, though she had her life jacket. I thought it was funny panicking in the shallow waters. I did see some fishes under the water and turtles.

I enjoyed the experiences of snorkeling. I would like to go out a bit further to the water where’s a more deeper, when I get to go back to Carins again.

Talk about the experiences.


The Down Moment


I had mentioned in previous posts. There was this one moment in my life in 2016 that made me felt pretty negative. Oh my god, is this going to be like a story time post. I never know how these post turns out. I just pour out the thoughts from what I can remember, then I’ll review and edit it.

First I want to say that, everyone gonna have one of their down moments and I had one of them. Not anything special.

I should begin where I was working on this project, which is was great of an opportunity for my team. Big for us, we’re working on this brand and cool for our portfolios. However it was meant to be a 3 months project as that the people (I assumed like the producers role they have) we had teamed up was aiming for that duration to complete it. Also to mention we get paid when the project is completed from profit. So during the production, we’re working for no pay, which could be expected in this industry I’m in. I had hoped that it was gonna be give or take, because you never know if anything is gonna happen like bugs, changes from feedback and etc…That 3 months expanded for (wished to be) another 3 months. That’s fine. We got down the mechanics and the design as we were been okayed with it and move on trying to finish it. I’ve put my best effort on working on my part. I wasn’t sure if I was working hard, because I performed 6 days a week and start around 8am-8pm (with breaks of course). I think stress came to me which is not that common for me. This lead me burst into tears in my bed. At the time my thoughts on my mind were “what the heck?” I half knew and half didn’t know why I was in tears.
The next day, I had a chat with a good friend and that relived me. I moved on and worked. I still had that depressing feeling but not as bad as before. I saw that I only had a few pieces left to complete. Suddenly, we got this message about they weren’t happy with the look and wanted to bring another person in to create another look.

That moment when I read that message, I exploded with tears and mixed with feelings, in front of my desktop screen. Sad, angry and stress at the same time.  It made me questioned everything in my life and my existences, in a negative way.

What made me upset the most was my time was wasted and the work as well. Yes, some ideas and designs could not be in use, if the higher ups don’t like it and continue to keep up with the concepts mid the pre-production stage, that’s normal. Yet, they gave us the okayed on the look and move onto the production. Basically, we went to from stage 1 finally moving up to say, stage 7 then back to stage 1. Trust me this happened a few times in the beginning.

I’m not sure if this made me sounds like a diva or entitled or something, beats me. I had worked on projects before when I was still studying and once I graduated. All went fine and  there were minor changes were made. From what one of my teammate had said, and I kind of agree, was that they don’t seem to know how the pre-production/production works. They had worked on another projects before, but I don’t think they’re not actually involved with the labouring parts.

To be honest, I’m kind of afraid on I had posted this and probably be judged on my thoughts with this situation. As I said before, I don’t want to sound like a entitled person. I believe I’m still new within the industry even though now it’s been 2 years, I guess it’s still new-ish compared to others. But anyways, that’s my story to share. Perhaps maybe, I’m gonna edit this again after coming back to this post over.

Talk about boring…

I’ll post something more happier. Presumedly, my third part of my Carins trip. Totally forgot about that.



The new year of 2017


Happy new year to everyone!

To be honest, it feels the same besides that when you write the date you kind of need to change from 2016 to 2017, which it’s a habit probably everyone needs to change. Reminded me of a conversation with a friend over the phone saying about ‘Oh it happened last week’ then my friend said ‘You mean last year’ and laughed about that.

Any new year resolution for me? Not really. I don’t make those resolutions as I know that it won’t last long. But I do make smaller goals that’s easier to achieve…Wait does this contradict what I said? Strongly, I consider making new years resolution something bigger in goals. Still, everyone has different views what is something big. So, okay I made a resolution, which is read more books. The last three days, I finally read one of the books I’ve been looking forward to. Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. I got to say, I enjoyed it and the ending was satisfying to me yet I wanted more from it. This lead me wanting to read more books. I do have two books I got before Cruel Beauty that I still hadn’t read.

How spent my new year eve day?…The same thing I did on Christmas, by myself. I thought I was having deja vu. Meh, it’s alright. I slept before the new year arrived. Also, another thing is to become more active on this blog.

Reflecting on 2016

dvI would declare that this year wasn’t my best year. I ended up being too emotional than usual; from stress, having negative thoughts and questioning everything, which wasn’t great for my mind. This lead me to breaking down into tears, twice! Remembering how long I felt, it was about more than the first half of the year, up to August. Again, this story can be on it’s own post or else it’s gonna be a long one, and I don’t think you’re going to read a long ass of words.

However, things got a better turn later on. I finally got a paying work, only it was temporary. It was out of my comfort zone, but it wasn’t bad than I expected to be. During that and after, I got to do this freelancing job. It was awesome and way better than working on the project that lead me into “depressed” mode. And I got to go on my first vacation in a long time.

Even though I’m not financially stable, I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, my family to support me, my friends who’s there listening to me vent my problems. I don’t know if they’re sick of it or not *laughs*. As well as, to the job agency who’s helping me and the person I’m under. She’s the best. From the stuff I read and hear about job agencies. I’ll say I’m lucky to be there and have her as my ‘consultant’. Not really the official term, but that’s how they’re like.

I’m hoping for 2017 will be a better year on the point of majority of 2016 wasn’t my year.

I thought it was going to be a longer post. Much as reflecting what I’ve done, it was largely was working to build up my career. Well, you have to sacrifice some things you enjoy. But I would still get a good 8 hours of sleep and a little exercise which balanced it out.

Talking about boring…having negative thoughts really isn’t a good feeling.


Shopping for Gifts

In the morning, I woke up with a message. My friend sent the group chat with an attached photo of Christmas gifts that she brought for us.
First thought was “Oh my god”. Not in a ‘yay’ way but in a ‘no’ way.
I had a thought of buying Xmas gifts for my circle of friends. But knowing our group, we won’t meet each other as a whole group probably, somewhere in 2017. So there wasn’t a point. It was nice of her, but she didn’t had too. I feel like I’m obliged to buy the group Christmas gifts. For starters, I have a feeling, when everyone saw that photo, they’re gonna buy presents now for everyone (I could be wrong with that). I know I don’t have to buy any, but if I didn’t and was the only one didn’t buy anything. I would feel like a sh*tty person.

Side story, I have a friend (from another circle) who brought a birthday present. We tried to plan to meet up but we never met up with her. Now it had been more over a year and she still holding that present in her room.

I did the shopping myself. Was hoping for my mum and brother to tag along, but was too lazy to come. I browsed around areas, deciding what I can buy before actually purchasing it. I was bummed when I wanted to buy the dutch pancake maker, that I could make takoyaki. There were stock when I was there the day before.

I concluded with those small building blocks of characters, like those nano blocks. These skin, beauty, body stuff made from coconut oil for the birthday gift, she likes anything with coconut oil. And candles. When I arrived home, I was counting how many gift for each person. Each person had the building blocks and candle, so two gifts. I had apprehended with why did I see 4 presents in the photo while I had gifts for 3 people. I named out my friends. Turned out that I forgotten one more person. Insert a big sigh. I didn’t want to go back and buy those 2 gifts. I came up with the solution with I’m just gonna give them the those blocks and give the birthday girl an extra candle as there xmas present. That should be fair and thinking about it, I don’t think she’s into those blocks.

Sorry not having an illustration or photo attached to this post. It’s gonna it only text.

Talk about boring…Present shopping.