My Carins Trip pt.3


Day 3 was more adventurous. The plan was going snorkeling and going on the glass bottom boat at Green Island.

In the morning, we packed our essential items, towels, sunscreen, extra clothing and any other stuff that’s needed for the beach environment. Everyone had the idea just to wear their swimwear on already, don’t bother have to change later when we get there.
We took the cruise boat, obliviously to get to Green Island. We decided to sit out on the top, with the front seat view. As we sailed out, the wind was so strong that we couldn’t hear each other when we’re talking. My hair was everywhere and tied it up, which I wished I had done sooner. Why? when we got to the land, my hair had multiple knots that I couldn’t get it undone. I had no choice to brush it out and let the hair ripped. I have thin hair, goodbye hair.
First thing was to queued for the glass bottom boat. We got to see lots of fish, corals as well as turtles. Also a giant clam that was actually pretty cool looking. After that boat ride, we moved forward where we hired our snorkeling gear. One of my friends and I went to put on our wet suits. And I got to say, it made me look skinny *laughs*.
Two of the friends leaded us to the beach where gonna snorkel. I got to say that I can’t swim, so this was very exciting and I was nervous. However, I got my life jacket with me.
We were taught how to do it. At the beginning, I was panicking and was scared, thinking about drowning. Later, I got the hang of it. I just need to not to panic. Though, I keep getting water up my nose and mouth. Yet, my friend who’s like me, keeps on panicking and thinking she would drown, though she had her life jacket. I thought it was funny panicking in the shallow waters. I did see some fishes under the water and turtles.

I enjoyed the experiences of snorkeling. I would like to go out a bit further to the water where’s a more deeper, when I get to go back to Carins again.

Talk about the experiences.



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