Reflecting on 2016

dvI would declare that this year wasn’t my best year. I ended up being too emotional than usual; from stress, having negative thoughts and questioning everything, which wasn’t great for my mind. This lead me to breaking down into tears, twice! Remembering how long I felt, it was about more than the first half of the year, up to August. Again, this story can be on it’s own post or else it’s gonna be a long one, and I don’t think you’re going to read a long ass of words.

However, things got a better turn later on. I finally got a paying work, only it was temporary. It was out of my comfort zone, but it wasn’t bad than I expected to be. During that and after, I got to do this freelancing job. It was awesome and way better than working on the project that lead me into “depressed” mode. And I got to go on my first vacation in a long time.

Even though I’m not financially stable, I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, my family to support me, my friends who’s there listening to me vent my problems. I don’t know if they’re sick of it or not *laughs*. As well as, to the job agency who’s helping me and the person I’m under. She’s the best. From the stuff I read and hear about job agencies. I’ll say I’m lucky to be there and have her as my ‘consultant’. Not really the official term, but that’s how they’re like.

I’m hoping for 2017 will be a better year on the point of majority of 2016 wasn’t my year.

I thought it was going to be a longer post. Much as reflecting what I’ve done, it was largely was working to build up my career. Well, you have to sacrifice some things you enjoy. But I would still get a good 8 hours of sleep and a little exercise which balanced it out.

Talking about boring…having negative thoughts really isn’t a good feeling.



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