Shopping for Gifts

In the morning, I woke up with a message. My friend sent the group chat with an attached photo of Christmas gifts that she brought for us.
First thought was “Oh my god”. Not in a ‘yay’ way but in a ‘no’ way.
I had a thought of buying Xmas gifts for my circle of friends. But knowing our group, we won’t meet each other as a whole group probably, somewhere in 2017. So there wasn’t a point. It was nice of her, but she didn’t had too. I feel like I’m obliged to buy the group Christmas gifts. For starters, I have a feeling, when everyone saw that photo, they’re gonna buy presents now for everyone (I could be wrong with that). I know I don’t have to buy any, but if I didn’t and was the only one didn’t buy anything. I would feel like a sh*tty person.

Side story, I have a friend (from another circle) who brought a birthday present. We tried to plan to meet up but we never met up with her. Now it had been more over a year and she still holding that present in her room.

I did the shopping myself. Was hoping for my mum and brother to tag along, but was too lazy to come. I browsed around areas, deciding what I can buy before actually purchasing it. I was bummed when I wanted to buy the dutch pancake maker, that I could make takoyaki. There were stock when I was there the day before.

I concluded with those small building blocks of characters, like those nano blocks. These skin, beauty, body stuff made from coconut oil for the birthday gift, she likes anything with coconut oil. And candles. When I arrived home, I was counting how many gift for each person. Each person had the building blocks and candle, so two gifts. I had apprehended with why did I see 4 presents in the photo while I had gifts for 3 people. I named out my friends. Turned out that I forgotten one more person. Insert a big sigh. I didn’t want to go back and buy those 2 gifts. I came up with the solution with I’m just gonna give them the those blocks and give the birthday girl an extra candle as there xmas present. That should be fair and thinking about it, I don’t think she’s into those blocks.

Sorry not having an illustration or photo attached to this post. It’s gonna it only text.

Talk about boring…Present shopping.



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