My Cairns Trip pt.2


After that day of waiting, we were just tired and half of our was wasted. We decided to have a more relaxing for the next day.

I know that we can sleep in a bit, but I woke up early at 6am (damn me for waking up first). Last night, I slept at 12am. I couldn’t fall asleep and I spent most of my night talking with my friend, whom I shared a room with (there were total of 4 people in this trip). When everyone was awake, we headed down to the pool. The day was beautiful and sunny. Of course, my friends has to take nice photos of the sceneries. The pool was cooling, the sun was burning our faces and we were not the only ones in the pool. In my first time in my adult life, I wore a bikini top bra and took my tank top off. In the beginning, I would keep the top on as I was self-conscious of my body. But, it was a hot day and my friend and I agreed to take it off if one of us did haha. We did played a little game in the pool. It became like a work out in the pool, with all the jumping and chasing.

After we got cleaned up, we walked towards the beach that was near us. Firstly, we brought drinks before we went down. Again, us being like tourist, we took nice photos. We laid down on the sand; it was so relaxing to the point we could fall asleep there. Next we got into the car and drove into the ‘city’. There city was different to my city in my state. We adventured around, went into a gallery (had nice, cooling air-conditioning), check out this outdoor pool and looked at shops.

Later at night, we got down the pool where there was the BBQ. My friend did most of the BBQ work, as she loves BBQ and meat. When we were done eating, we dipped in the pool again. It was lovely, the sky was dark with stars, even thought they were small. Before we went to bed, we took out the ice-cream cake we brought for our two friends, whose birthday were on December. A small celebration. Along with paying taboo again, with different teams.

Not really a boring day…just more relaxed.



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