My Cairns Trip pt.1


This would be my first vacation out of my house in 6 years. You could say I was very excited about this trip; you know getting out of the house and relax my mind as it had been negative and I had been stressful (that can be more in detail in another post).
What made it more thrilling was that I’ll be with my friends. To bad one out of our circle couldn’t make it. To me it would been more an ideal type of trip, if she went. But it can’t be helped.

Our flight was in the morning, so we had to wake up early to get to the airport. I hadn’t woken up at 5am in a long time. We arrived and went to get out tickets. As we got those, we were informed that our flight was delayed…for 4 hours from our original time. Great wasn’t it? We woke up early for nothing *laughs*. Although, they did gave as a $10 voucher. Not enough as we used that to buy breakfast, and you know how the airport food prices are. Spent time chatting for a bit then moved towards our gate. Next, guess what? It was delayed again for another hour. Later add another 30 minutes. During our time waiting, we just sat there. I was starting to tired and hungry. I didn’t want to buy food. They gave us an announcement about the reason was that it had something to do with the engine, and that was why it was delayed.

Basically, half of our day was wasted. By the time we actually got to our accommodation, it was pass 6pm. Before that when we landed, we went out to buy groceries and had a brief look around Cairns. I got to say, it was so humid. Sweated and needed a nice cold shower. End of the day, we ate ice cream and played taboo.
What an experiences.

Talk about boring, waiting half of the day.



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