I Don’t Really Celebrate Christmas


Christmas is coming soon, very soon which is on Sunday.

I was just on my interstate trip like a week ago (which I’ll blog about it in the future). During my time there I totally forgot about Christmas was coming soon. The reason why I forgot that xmas (easier to type than Christmas) is easing in was that I, well my family don’t celebrate xmas or do those traditional, typical stuff such as putting up the tree, buy presents and decorate the house. Maybe my family is small and we’ve have grown older. I think the xmas thing we do is have a nice dinner? Haha I don’t know, I fail to remember what we did last xmas.

I did mentioned this to a few friends. They gave good points that support my reasoning. One was that friend ‘A’ is surrounded by kids and has a big family, so they want to have their childhood of making memories and enjoy the holidays, giving gifts and etc…Two is that they’re pretty close with each other. To be honest I don’t have much relatives here, they’re a bit older, already has kids and I’m not really close to them. We don’t see each other much. Same with friend ‘B’, she has a big family including close family friends. They recently, did a trip and done KK. Now when think about it…majority of my friends, they have a big family, bigger if you compare to mine. Another thing my friend ‘A’ said was that someone has to start the tradition, which she has a point. However, knowing my family we’re not really a gift giver during these holidays. The only thing we give on is our birthdays.

Talk about boring, literally.



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